Welcome to

Chesterfield Services, Inc.

Chesterfield Services Inc. is a licensed home care company, serving the State of Washington since 1996. We provide a comprehensive integrated system of home health care and related services, that are easy to access, community centered, and culturally appropriate. We work with insurance and state programs to ensure that your care is affordable.

We are Local

Chesterfield offices are located within the communities they serve, so you can always deal directly with your support staff – no routing through call centers or dealing with automated systems. You and your family work with real people every time.

We care for individuals

One size does not fit all, and we understand that the lives and needs of our clients are as varied and complex as the people themselves. Our compassionate, competent care addresses the needs of the whole person, including your culture, family and medical needs.

We believe in continuity of care

Chesterfield believes that nothing should take away from client care. Continuity of care means that Chesterfield will always be an active part of your care team. We ensure that your records are properly documented and confidential, and we work closely with all of your care professionals.

We strive to improve

Chesterfield is dedicated to staying current with developments in the health care field, and our caregivers and office staff maintain a consistent dialogue with both our clients and our caregivers in order to continuously improve the quality of our services.